Thursday, October 29, 2009

Laurellefe makes fairy magic in the park

I thought I had lost these images when my external hard drive bit the dust, but thankfully I was wrong.

One day, the lovely Laurelle Rethke and myself took some photos in a park on the river on the west side of NYC somewhere around 55th st (maybe 57th?). I took the images and turned them into some surreal scenes to enhance the fairy magic that Laurellefe (her fairy name) seems to conjure as she wanders across the city that lost its soul. So, she's, like, giving it the soul back. Cause she's a woodland creature, right? A magic fairy princess...ok, I'll shut up, but trust me, its true. She talks to rocks.

Click to enlarge:I even turned one of the images into an album cover for the Beatles "Love" copy I ripped for my sister: Consequently, my name meaning "love," you could say that the album is called The Beatles "Phil."

But you wouldn't say that, would you?

Monday, October 26, 2009

The "Phil Sessions" for Bones Rodriguez' "Kirk's Guide to Women" blog

Supreme gentleman and now a member of Start Trekkin NY improv, (of which I am, alas, no longer a member), Skidmore College alum John "Bones" Rodriguez has written Captain Kirk's Guide to Women. A tome of sexy proportions, Kirk's Guide takes you step by step through the seduction of the space-lady of your affections by following in the footsteps of the master himself, Capt James Tiberius Kirk.

In promotion of the book, Bones invited myself and a couple actresses over to play dress up and shoot a little film. What resulted hath been dubbed "The Phil Sessions" over there on Bone's blog.

(Note : the sound quality is a little overdriven on these shorts, so please forgive the fuzzy dialogue.)

(Double Note: "Kirk" means "Circle." Take a moment to consider that perhaps why Kirk is so successful is because he represents the perfection, the wholeness, the self-fulfilled, and the very symbol of the divine female, the manifestation of all matter in the universe.)

(Special Triple Feature Note de El Shabbaz!: If you look carefully, you will be witness to the extra special cameo of the Sid Barrett of the 21st Century, the now mythical Dave Smits.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Illustrations for Vision Into Art

Just wanted to commemorate my brand new move to San Francisco, CA with a post of some recent art I completed for the multi-disciplinary arts consortium that is VisionIntoArt. Some time this year (I'm having trouble remembering when) I designed and created two album covers for their two new cds, "Sounds" and "Travelling Songs."

Here's "Travelling Songs":

and here's "Sounds":

Also, I was asked to do a couple new illustrations of two members of the company. Do check them out:
Hopefully they will be added to the roster of over 20 member illustrations I've completed for this group. (You can go here to see the rest of them.) I believe they are updating their website, which will include all the illos I've designed for them. That site can be found here.