Friday, June 3, 2011

3 For Thursday

I haven't posted in quite some time, apparently since the end of last year.  Since then I've been acting up a storm: short films, TV, extra work in feature films, music video, voice work, lots of live improv, and of course, performing for elementary school kids as a giant light bulb superhero named Bulbman.  All to varying degrees of success or quality.  I've also been to NYC to record a new 5 song EP with the legendary Troy Westfield Experience!  Hopefully we'll be finishing that record this summer and maybe even making a music video for our epic pop heartbreaker Good Ache.  Can't wait to get that song out to folks.  Hooray for being a working actor!  This has definitely been the most paid I've ever been as a performer.  Its been very encouraging, and I'm finally convinced there is a future for me as an actor, more specifically, a film actor.  This summer I'll be going back to the east coast to work on a play, finish the record, and act in a lead role in a new feature film called American Epitaph.  All this and my older brother Carl gets married, so I think it will prove to be an interesting summer....

I wanted to post 3 projects I worked on since winter 2011, in order of when they were completed:

1.  Save My Favorite Show

A bizarre little piece, this short was made to enter a contest to win $100,000.00 from dockers to make a feature.  The producer was a huge fan of a cancelled sci fy channel show called the Invisible Man, and wanted to reunite the cast for an unrelated full length movie.  I appear as a protester, as one of the producer's favorite actors, as the voice over narrator, and as a silver painted singing telegram.  I don't think this piece is very successful, but it gets points for weirdness.

2.  A Rapturous Scent

I have the lead in this one.  Filmed at the beginning of 2011, this was created by a SF State student and shot on real film!  Any actor in the digital age will realize how rare it is to actually get to perform for actual film.  This was made by a smart group of filmmakers determined to use all the tools available to them to get some interesting shots.   The subject matter is a bit more cheesy than I normally enjoy, pretty much a straight up romantic story, and this version of the film is a condensed 5 minute version of what will eventually be a 10 minute film, complete with trippy dream sequence that didn't make the cut.  I think the 10 minute version will work better than this one.  My experience of the process of making this film inspired the upcoming TWE tune Good Ache, and I'll be happy to explain that progression once the song is released.  I can't help noticing how strange looking I am in this film, especially my profile.  It reinforces my feeling of being an alien in a human body....

3.  Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Legendary SF rapper Lyrics Born's brand new video.  This was a one day shoot I did for free (the other two were paid gigs).  It just seemed like a great opportunity to be in an LB vid.  This is actually my favorite of the three, even tho I barely appear in it (you can spot me dancing in a black and white poke-a-dotted shirt).  Its a cool disco tune, and I dig the little animations they added to the video.  I remember the drummer and bass player playing cover tunes during some downtime during the shoot and they were extremely sick musicians.  Hopefully I'll get more opportunities like this in the near future....

More videos to share as they are released, but I think we're off to a good start here.  Stay tuned!