Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My latest Invisible World chat with Frank

Here's my latest interview with Frank Todaro for Frank's Invisible World show.  I'm hoping it will be the first of a several part talk on the subject of extra terrestrials and ufos, probably focusing a bit on Venus' relationship with all that due to the Agents of Venus band name.  Don't know about Agents of Venus?  Where have you been?  Go here and learneth, newbie.  Otherwise, enjoy the interview.  You may notice the debut of our smash hit single "Her Favorite Song" on the show:

I have to say, this interview just barely began to explain a larger subject I'm looking forward to exploring, either with Frank or here in blog form (probably both).  That subject, the seemingly contradicting understand of the planet Venus being represented historically (in western traditions) as either Venus or Aphrodite (or maybe Isis or Mary Magdelene, perhaps?), the goddess of love and beauty, as well as Lucifer, the first cast out angel from heaven, the Lightbringer, that much maligned representative of all things hidden and nefarious in this world. 

I inadvertently seem to blame the Freemasons for representing the latter in our discussion, without being able to really explain why I say it and what I really mean by it.  I'm not going to go into it yet here, but I will eventually explain myself either on this blog or on the Agents of Venus blog (again, maybe both).  I do want to admit that I have nothing against those wacky kabalists the Freemasons in general.   During the interview, I was trying to spout out a large idea in a small amount of time, and I didn't really formulate my idea all that clearly.   Suffice it to say, when choosing the band name, I was trying to find a way to bring two polarities, two opposing ideas together under one roof, so to speak, in hopes of creating a higher level of perspective on just what the morning star (Venus) means to our little planet and our world traditions.  It seems to me that its time to unify polar opposites, not only because we surely could use a fresh perspective on the seemingly endless struggle of good and evil in this world, but because the struggle itself is indicative of a 3rd dimensional perspective, as the push/pull of the polar opposites seems to be (to me) the creative force in action in our world, and I believe, since we appear to be moving into times that call for us to broaden our awareness of higher levels of reality, then the act of unifying these polarities actually propels one into these higher levels.   I promise somewhere down the line I will do my darndest to explain this further (or "furthur," as the Merry Pranksters might have put it.)

Stay tuned....