Thursday, October 14, 2010

Been Busy --- Blood Was Everywhere Teaser Trailer

Internet wizlings

Damn, I been busy.  Lots of stuff to report, not sure I'll do it all here and now, but soon.

I'm currently in a show at the Town Hall Theater in Lafayette, Ca.  Its a newish version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.   You can find out about it and get tickets here, and here's a review.   It runs through October 31.

In other newseses,  the film in which I acted this summer, Blood Was Everywhere, has released a teaser trailer, featuring the opening song from none other than Agents of Venus' album Boduvt (that song being Fall Off the Earth).  Here ya go:

Its sort of a strange teaser, as this is a slasher film, but you don't really get that sense until late in the clip.  I had a little facebook discussion with the director Jason Torrey, and he said they put it together fairly quickly to show at the wrap party (which I missed, due to being on the wrong coast), but that also he is following his tendencies to sublimate expectations about how a horror movie works by slyly slipping the killer and his actions gradually into a series of images that initially looks like a day in the life film about people in a small town.  You have to watch the trailer a few times to figure out who the killer is and what he's up to.

I've decided that he is creating a film featuring an ensemble cast where one of the ensemble happens to try and kill everyone else in the story.  What genre would we be talking about with this take on film-making?  Has he invented something new? 

Here's Blood Was Everywhere's page on the facebook.  Their website is currently under construction.

Hopefully there will be a full on trailer by the end of the year.  I'll keep you posted....