Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spooky Snack

Here's a commercial I acted in when I first moved to San Francisco late last year.  I finally got a hold of a copy.  Its a little silly, but the special effects are cool.  I was performing with an actor wearing a head to toe green screen suit, so that he could be edited out in post.  Also, the Doritos spilling out of the bag when I fall off the counter and the Dorito at the end of commercial that I grab for and it disappears are totally animated.  I think it looks decent.  Nice to have been part of movie magic.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Interviews, Reviews, and News part Tiew

Blogspot was giving me some trouble with expanding this original post, so here's part 2:

Old buddy, former news hound, frog lover, and web entrepeneur Lorin Kalisky has written up an rather intelligently rendered review of the new Agent of Venus album, Boduvt, (and shame on you if you haven't looked into our album or blog, here's your chance).  I highly encourage you to go over to his Lodog blog to read it and be wowed by his dopeness.  Homeboy can really write.  Thanks for the kind words, Lorin.  He says he's listened to the record 20 times in a row, which is the best review anyone could give our record.

Lastly, I've learned that an actor pal from college has been wrestling with cancer, and is writing a rather masterful document of his experiences on a blogspot blog.  Celebrity Holter Graham is not only a talented actor and the bastard son of George Carlin, Denis Leary, and Rob Halford when he talks (though dude can't sing like Halford, but homey gets the metal), but he is also one hell of writer and a damn fine human being, if I do say so my damn self.  Reading his blog has been sobering and entertaining: Holter has never been short on personality and has a particularly, dare I say, Holteresque take on this predicament.  I highly recommend checking out his online diary.  This is my way of sending out good wishes to the man and my profound hope for a speedy and effortless recovery.  Love ya, Holter, even though I know you'd hate to hear it....

Strangely enough, and relevant to this blog, I had been seeing people on the street yesterday that had been reminding me of Holter, and then only hours later learned of his illness.  The invisible world at work, or some knowledge crossing over through time, but the precognitive thing just sort of happens to me from time to time, especially when someone you care about is really going through the shit.  Its like some kind 5th dimensional alarm clock, if that makes any sense.

Whatever it is, it is succeeding in breaking my heart.

Dammit Holter, you better get better....

Interviews, Reviews, and News

Hey folks.  Some odds and ends to take care of here.  Since I've started a few other blogs, I tend to forget about this one, but I'm back, here to share developments with you and encourage you to explore my fellow Artists (with a capital A, cause when I say artist I'm talking about all the arts) work, because, if there is one thing the internet is keen on reminding us, its that we are all connected.

First off, I'd like to share these two swell interviews I've done with my good pal Frank Todaro over on his blogtalk radio show, The Invisible World.  Frank and I used to do Start Trekkin NY improv together (Frank's still doing it) and during those couple years we learned that we shared a mutual interest in the paranormal, and extra terrestrials in particular.  Frank's also a sci fi nerd and comic book maven, like me.  Fortunately for both of us, Frank has channeled his love of all this mucky muck into a weekly radio show.  Thus, the Invisible World is born.  You'll notice, not coincidentally, that the invisible world itself, in the form of orbs, have popped up in several pictures of Frank and I from a Start Trekkin photo shoot.  (You can click on the pictures to enlarge them, and thus, see the orbs up close, there's some great orbs in these pictures.)  Frank is tight with the orbs.

Due to my particular experiences, many of which I still haven't gotten to on this here blog, I seem to fit the role of having a unique perspective with Frank's growing list of guests, so Frank has already had me on the show twice in the course of two months to talk about synchronicity, dreams, visions, 2012, ets, my music, and mucho mas.  Frank has also featured three Agents of Venus tunes on the program: Hero with 1000 eyes, Cobalt Silver, and 33 (the last of which was spun on a show where I wasn't being interviewed, which is pretty cool -- the music is speaking for itself.

Here are the two interviews, in order of date (first interview first).  I recommend listening to them in sequence, cause the second interview builds on the first.    If you want to download them, you should head on over to The Invisible World, and they will hook you up with the goods:

Invisible World interview 3/23/2010

Invisible World interview 4/20/2010