Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A few good things...

I'll be getting to part 3 of OOooooooooorrrrrrbbbbbbsssssssss! as soon as I can.  I just wanted to take a second to tell you about a couple of cool developments that might make your life even more fun than I suspect it already is.

First, I would love folks reading this blog to go on over to my new band's blog site, (which is soon to be accompanied by our new virtual CD website, stay tuned).  The band is called Agents of Venus, the album is called Boduvt (pronounced Boe-doovt) and if you go to you can read up about us and hear 3 of our new songs.  We will be releasing the album both physically and as a digital download at some point in April.  Awesomeness abounds!

Second (and also awesome), last night I was the special guest on former Start Trekkin stage mate and now paranormal talk show host Frank Todaro's blogtalk radio show, The Invisible World.  I got a chance to rap with Frank and his psychic expert Lady Fontaine about the discovery of Earth type planets, Frank's recent ufo sighting, and my two important spiritual experiences in the 90's that put me on the path to exploring the hidden and strange, and that also gave this blog its name.  At the end of the show you can hear a brand new Agents of Venus song, "Hero with 1000 Eyes" played in its entirety.

To listen to the show, please go to  It is the newest episode (#4) and it is also available for download on itunes.

These are a few good things.  More to come!