Saturday, June 2, 2012

Venus transit + rare solar eclipse = progress!

Lots of crazy constellation activity in 2012, but I would expect no less from such a mythic year.  I actually looked at a rare solar eclipse the other week, one that happens only 25,000 years or so.  My brother was at a colleague's house on Bernal Heights (a hill below the Mission in SF) where they had special goggles that allowed intrepid folk to stare straight into the heart of the sun.  I rode my bike over to their pad as the eclipse was happening, the light was strange to say the least - dark but warm.  I stared into the eclipse like a voyeur of God as the moon was perfectly placed in the top center of the sun, it was ridiculous how it timed out so perfectly.  But then again, I had been meditating for an hour before that with the intention of manifesting my greatest life, so it really should come as no surprise.  Consciousness creates reality. Believe it, because the universe does.

The rare Venus transit across the face of the sun is only days away, (june 5-6), and I'll be spending most of it in an airplane traveling from the west coast of Turtle Island to the east, a tiny Agent of Venus mirroring her sojourn to tear the cosmic veil asunder before the great white fire god in the sky threatens to burn the seas and crack the heavens wise.  Why do I travel?  Two reasons, really:

NEW TROY WESTFIELD EXPERIENCE MUSIC.   It happens only once a decade, it seems, but a nearly a year and a half of hard fun, heated aesthetic compromise and weed smoke has finally yielded a new album from the Experience:  "Business on the Lanai: A Refresher Course" (the title a conjoined Fletch reference in honor of a shared reverence between myself and my partner in crime Mike Gordon for Chevy Chase's immensely quotable classic 80s film.)  Our five song extended player is no slight matter -- these songs are potent and will certainly entertain and challenge the listener.  I think they're some of the best songs we've ever written, honestly.   We lead off the newly launched record (which can be digitally downloaded at our website with our summer smash hit Good Ache, a song about playing a character in a movie who's falling in love and not being sure if you are actually falling in love along with the character or just falling into character.   Mike aka Troy himself has assembled a video made of old monster films to illustrate his interpretation of the song's themes.  I'll have my own version coming out just as soon as I get a  hold of all the precious footage I shot last summer....

We'll be playing a few live shows in nyc and maybe MA during the month of June/early July, keep an eye out for em. that website again:

 Which brings me to my second share: as I prepare to film a new feature with Sun In 10 productions, a new commercial I play the lead in has been released online and is soon to be on TV here in SF.  Produced by Fill In the Blank Media for Community Housing Partnership, a non profit that finds jobs and homes for the homeless and the jobless, this commercial was shot with a camera that would chop up the action to make it look like stop motion animation.  Except for the opening scene, which was taken one photo at a time with a camera on a curved track -- you'll notice it goes from daytime to night time, well that is an indication of how long it took to actually get this entire sequence.  But I think it works well:

June should prove to be quite a month, lots to do, many to see, and another film to make, and a universe that bucks and slides through the wetworks of time as it transmogrifies into a zoo of celestial butterflies the likes of which none of us could ever imagine.   I'll let you know how it goes....

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