Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shaking the Magic Screwball

My good friends the brothers Martin and Max Flackman (aka Marc Lesser and Matt Kalman) are kickass filmmakers and have been kind enough to throw me into their projects from time to time. One idea that has reared its psychedelic head on the web is the dreaded Magic Screwball. Shake him up and ask him the answers to your most crucial or guarded secrets, if you dare, suckers! Appearing on their Joke Project site, created with the guidance of the divine Nicole Stagg, the Screwball dares to rend the very fabric of time and space asunder with a flippant "Uh, I dunno" or "Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh Baby! Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!"

The Screwball on a smoke break.

Consequently, you can go here and here to see me as a joke telling zombie.

Speaking of the Flackman's and film projects, I've also had the opportunity to design a couple movie posters for these dudes. Check-ch-check-check-ch-czech it out:

Here's the poster for "Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow," the Flackman's first full length film. A dream, a day-job, and Billie Dee Williams in Lando duds. Solid stuff.

I played Mystical Bill, who lived inside Max' cigarette case, preparation for the Screwball, for sure.

Then there's the award winning short "Cuando La Luna Esta Llena," directed by Marc Lesser.

A tragic love story wrapped in aluminum foil. Marc asked me to mimic a Dali collage from the great artist's time in NYC. A truly deeply satisfying experience. Truly and deeply.

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