Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Start Trekkin NY

Yo Yo Yo

So, like, I'm part of an improv group called Start Trekkin NY

We do improvised hour long episodes of Star Trek in the style of the original series. We don't play any of the original characters, we make up entirely new characters and situations. Is this clear? Its fun stuff, lots of shoulder grabbing and fake fighting. Anyway, check out the website, and if you're in New York, please come see the show. You can go to the Manhattan Comedy Collective's website for dates and times of shows. We also have a myspace page here.

Here's a poster and postcard I designed for the group:

Here's a couple clips from a show in NYC at the Tank:

more pics, more to come:

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andy ristaino said...

nice work lactose!

how much info do you guys get from the audience before you do a show?